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Topspin In Tennis – What Is It?

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What is topspin?  

Why do players hit the tennis ball with topspin?  

And how do I achieve this?  

These are common questions that new players to the game of tennis have.  Today lets take some time to answer these questions.

What is topspin?

Topspin is when the tennis ball rotates forward in the same direction that it is traveling. The force of this spin, also called the Magnus effect, causes the ball to be drawn back down into the court with more force than just gravity alone.

Why do players hit the tennis ball with topspin?

So why would a player want to impart topspin on a tennis ball? Since topspin causes the ball to be drawn back down into the court with more force, the trajectory of the shot is much different than a normal, flat tennis shot. As you can see, the trajectory of the ball hit with topspin can clear the net by a greater height and still drop into your opponents court earlier than a flat ball hit with no spin.

The topspin shot allows you to play with a greater margin of error. You can hit the ball much higher over the net without fear of hitting it too long.

tennis player

How do I hit a tennis ball with topspin?

Hopefully you now understand the benefits that can come from hitting a tennis ball with topspin. But how do you do it? In order to make a ball spin forward in the direction that it is traveling, you need to brush up against the back of the ball as you are swinging.

It is also helpful to have a tennis racquet or tennis strings that designed to generate more spin. Fore more information please visit

You may have heard more experienced players tell you to swing from low to high? That’s the general idea. You want to start your swing lower than where you will contact the ball and swing up and away.

This swing is somewhat similar to the motion that a windshield wiper makes on a car. You may also find that you will need to close the face of your tennis racquet a bit (from perpendicular) to get the correct angle with your new swing motion.

Final thoughts

If you are just starting out, it will definitely take some practice to get used to this way of swinging the racquet. Changing your swing will feel very unnatural at first. I would suggest taking a friend and a basket of tennis balls out to the court, and just practice your swing over and over.

Slow down your swing at first and just focus on getting the ball to rotate in the direction that you are hitting. Once you get the rotation down, you can work on adding some speed to your swing. Once you get used to swinging with topspin, it will become natural and you won’t even need to think about it! Remember, practice makes perfect!

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Your Math Teacher Lies Within

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Your math teacher is not the  energetic guy or gal in front of the room. She is not the lady wearing horn-rimmed glasses or the dry joke telling pocket protector who tells you what page to turn to next.  Even if you have a wonderfully non-stereotypical math teacher, who tells good jokes, is up on his or her fashion, and actually explains things so you understand, they are NOT your math teacher. Your math teacher lies within……your math book.

Your math teacher lies within you. If you open a math book and read it from page one, you’ll find that it opens a discussion from teacher to student as it attempts to guide you through the best way to use the resource. It is the same resource that the wonderful person managing the class turns to to guide you in your learning.

That means that any algebra book will work because they all teach the same concepts. Algebra is algebra. So have fun with it! For example, The Cartoon Guide to Algebra is certainly not your traditional Algebra Book, yet you’ll still learn the same concepts.

Haven’t you ever wondered why……when you take a standardized test there are all kinds of problems you have never seen before? By the way, if you’re looking for the best scientific calculator or a graphing calculator, you can visit

Before you jump up and shout to your teacher, “You never taught us this!”, realize that you also did not finish every chapter in your book or even finish every problem. You skipped around. In doing so, you bypassed mastery.

Here are some Action Steps:

  • Read your algebra book from the beginning
  • Seek to understand the examples before you get to the practice problems
  • Check your questions one at a time with the answers in the back of the book. (No, it isn’t cheating if you’re are being honest with yourself and trying to figure out the problem)
  • Look for the patterns as that is all algebra is

Don’t move on to the next problem until you understand the current problem. If you get stuck for a long time, don’t give up…accept the challenge!


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Get Yourself A Fantastic White Toaster Oven

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Toaster ovens are very important home appliances. They made our life very smooth and smart. When you are about to buy a toaster oven, you should think about some important factors like durability, warranty, reviews, etc. Do you think about its color? You must think about it as the outlook depends on the color a lot.

When choosing a color for your toaster oven, do think about white. White is wonderful. It is a sign of purity. A white toaster oven would be a nice home appliance in your kitchen. Below is a list of some white toaster ovens.

Ps Compact Toasteroven Broiler

This is a great white toaster oven. If you have been searching for a 2-slice toaster oven, then do think about this toaster oven. It is very functional. It can accommodate a 6-inch pizza. It has a 15 minute timer, auto shutdown, and ready bell features. Obviously, these features are very important for a good toaster oven.

One of the best things about this toaster oven is that it looks very elegant. None will believe that you can get this product spending only about 20 dollars. Don’t even think about its durability; it is expected to last for years!

Black & Decker TRO420 Toast-R-Oven 4-Slice Countertop Oven/Broiler


If you have been looking for a toaster oven which looks simple and is easy-to-use, then you could buy this product from Black & Decker. It is a 4-slice white toaster oven. It can do lots of important things like toasting, reheating, broiling, and baking.

No need to buy a toaster to get excellent toast because this white toaster oven can satisfy you completely with its delicious toast. It has a lot of space inside. Using this product is also very easy as it features a 30 minute timer to give you the best results. So, get this toaster oven and start using it for years.

Black & Decker – Slice Toaster Oven

Black & Decker is a very well-known brand. It has been producing high-quality kitchen appliances for a very long time, and the customers have always been happy with its products. This is another great nice white toaster oven from Black & Decker. It is capable of storing 6-slice and a 9-inch pizza.

Unlike many other toaster ovens, this model has a 60 minute timer. This toaster oven works like a magic. You will be always happy with the results of this great small unit. So, you could get this Black and Decker toaster oven.

Hamilton Beach Ps Xl Toasterovenbroiler


This is an extra large toaster oven. It features a 15 minute timer, and you could use the auto shutdown facility; it is very helpful. You will always have very crispy results. When it comes to the price, it is very reasonable; it is less than 40 dollars. So, buy this white toaster oven and use it as much as you want. You will find this product very effective every time you use it.

To sum it up

If you want to buy a white toaster oven, then do remember the white toaster ovens stated above. They are really great and will make your life easier! Happy buying!

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What causes Fainting – What you should do

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This is the first article in my new category which I have named “off the track- for a reason”. In this category, I will be sharing very vital information that I believe will make a difference in the lives of my audience.

This is also where I will be addressing some news-worthy issues that either affect online business, blogging or life in general. Did you learn something new after reading this post. Are you better prepared for a medical emergency? Please leave me a comment to tell me about what new knowledge you picked up!

What is Fainting?

Fainting, also known in medical terms as syncope is a sudden, temporary loss of consciousness. Many people experience fainting spells every now and then. It is very important not to just brush it off, especially if you have experienced it multiple times. The best thing to do is to be seen by a physician who determines if it is just a minor incident or one that demands further testing.

Finding out what is likely to cause you to faint helps you know what to do to reduce the chances. You will also be better prepared, with an action plan for if it does happen. So what causes fainting?

Arrhythmia – The most common cause of Fainting

There are many reasons that one will faint. The most common cause of syncope is arrhythmia. This is a condition where the heart beats so fast, sometimes as fast as 250 beats per minute or higher (normal is about 70 beats per minute), or so slow that it cannot efficiently pump enough blood to reach your brain.

A fainting spell is usually very brief and the victim recovers quickly as soon as more oxygenated blood reaches the brain. On the other hand, being unconscious is more serious as the victim may likely not recover on their own without immediate medical assistance.

Other causes of fainting

Side effects from medications, especially blood pressure medications. These medications and others that are generally used to treat heart disease can lower blood pressure to dangerous levels, leading to syncope.

  1. Anxiety or panic attacks
  2. Excessive fluid loss due to prolonged or severe vomiting or diarrhea
  3. Excessive sweating
  4. Dehydration
  5. Hunger
  6. Low blood sugar

What to do when it’s you


Play it safe by calling 911 if you are alone and sense that you are about to faint. Gently get down on the floor in the position shown below, called the recovery position. If you are not able to lie down, sit down. You do not want to risk falling and hitting your head or other part of the body on the floor, as this could result in serious injury.

If you sit down, put your head down between your knees. Do not get up in a hurry after you recover from the spell. Sit there for a few minutes, then get a drink (water to rehydrate or orange or apple juice to step up your sugar level just in case your blood sugar level is low). If you have not eaten for a long time, get something to eat.

If you are in the car, pull over if you have the time, turn on your hazard light and call 911. Remain in the car to avoid exposing yourself to injury. You can also signal for help, some other drivers may stop to assist you before the paramedics arrive.

What to do when it’s someone else

If you witness someone else fainting:

  1. Help get them down to the floor and place them on their back, feet elevated to help facilitate blood flow to the brain.
  2. If a chair is closer, sit them down and put their head between their knees as shown below.Prevent a crowd from gathering around them, they need as much air as they can get.
  3. Loosen restrictive or tight clothing and accessories like ties and belts.
  4. Watch for vomiting.
  5. Make sure airway is clear.
  6. If vomiting occurs, turn head sideways to avoid choking.After about one minute, check for signs of recovery- breathing (chest rising and falling), ask them to cough, or move their hand, ask them to open their eyes.
  7. If they are still unresponsive, then you’ve got more than just fainting on your hands.
  8. Begin CPR until the emergency medical team arrives.
  9. On recovery, do not allow them to get up too quickly.
  10. Give water or juice if there’s any available.

What not to do – Do not allow a crowd around the victim!

Congratulations, you just completed a mini-course on what to do if you or someone around you faints. Please be aware of heart disease and do everything you can to protect yourself and others around you.

CPR classes are very affordable and training is provided by the American Red cross, as well as certified individual trainers. Be ready to help if needed, observe people around you, their life may be totally dependent on you.


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