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Your Math Teacher Lies Within


Your math teacher is not the  energetic guy or gal in front of the room. She is not the lady wearing horn-rimmed glasses or the dry joke telling pocket protector who tells you what page to turn to next.  Even if you have a wonderfully non-stereotypical math teacher, who tells good jokes, is up on his or her fashion, and actually explains things so you understand, they are NOT your math teacher. Your math teacher lies within……your math book.

Your math teacher lies within you. If you open a math book and read it from page one, you’ll find that it opens a discussion from teacher to student as it attempts to guide you through the best way to use the resource. It is the same resource that the wonderful person managing the class turns to to guide you in your learning.

That means that any algebra book will work because they all teach the same concepts. Algebra is algebra. So have fun with it! For example, The Cartoon Guide to Algebra is certainly not your traditional Algebra Book, yet you’ll still learn the same concepts.

Haven’t you ever wondered why……when you take a standardized test there are all kinds of problems you have never seen before? By the way, if you’re looking for the best scientific calculator or a graphing calculator, you can visit

Before you jump up and shout to your teacher, “You never taught us this!”, realize that you also did not finish every chapter in your book or even finish every problem. You skipped around. In doing so, you bypassed mastery.

Here are some Action Steps:

  • Read your algebra book from the beginning
  • Seek to understand the examples before you get to the practice problems
  • Check your questions one at a time with the answers in the back of the book. (No, it isn’t cheating if you’re are being honest with yourself and trying to figure out the problem)
  • Look for the patterns as that is all algebra is

Don’t move on to the next problem until you understand the current problem. If you get stuck for a long time, don’t give up…accept the challenge!


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